PowerPoint Presentations

We can design and produce PowerPoint presentations based on your content, partnering with you to get the sales pitch or conference slide deck just as you want it.

Public Speaking

Whether you want practice, some tips on improving or need the whole class we can make you a better speaker. Include video feedback to ensure you understand how to improve.

Report Improvements

Grant applications? RFIs / RFPs? Writing an important document? We can review these and suggest improvements, making them more appealing to the recipient.

Develop your style with us!

Over the last 20 years in business we have seen so many people, good people, fail because they were presenting poorly, whether on paper, screen or in person. The main issues? Firstly, they were writing for themselves and not the audience and secondly they were communicating things that no one ever asked for. Let us help you avoid these mistakes.

Having competed in multiple speaking competitions, presented at many conferences and meetings and built hundreds of PowerPoint presentations for everyone from C-class executive to school teachers to charity audiences I know what it takes to be a powerful presenter.

Taking a little bit of time out of your working week to learn and improve these very personal skills seems like a big effort.  I am always amazed that no one ever puts this into the long term context of the gains that can be made.  I say no one, the winners do.

Be that winner.

Mac Walker

Mac Walker CB  MBA  LLB  BSc (Hons)
Founder of Another Angle and Improve My Presenting Skills

Concept Stage

Establishing exactly who you need to influence with your presentation.

Build Agreement

Creating a custom plan to address your presentation need.


Create your presentation or deliver your presenting skills training.

Follow Up

The post-presentation review to establish how we both did.


Pricing is important to you. Here you will find a rough guide of pricing and how long our services take.

Be A Better Presenter...Today


If you would like to use our service we would be delighted to hear from you.

How We Work

We try to make the process as quick and slick as possible so if you have a last minute presentation need we are usually able to respond. If you have a more intensive requirement to get that important presentation correct then we can schedule that in…

Create a Brief

Very simply, at the start, we want to make sure we are working on the right thing.  We agree a broad framework at the outset for PowerPoint work then iterate back and forth as we go, improving the product every time.

Issue a quote

We issue a clear quote at the start.  This is a very quick process and it comes with our standard terms and conditions of service.  Once you agree to the quote we are off and presenting.

Worry-free service

Finally we deliver our service.  We usually find that we create a first quick draft and ping it back and forth to improve.  For our stand-up presentation training we offer a more tailored service agreeing when and where to suit both of us.

Get in Touch

support@anotherangle-scotland.com or this link


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